My first experiences with modelling came when I joined a school modelling club at the age of 7 or 8 and I was immediately hooked.  Initially, my enthusiasm and impatience tended to get the better of me and I rushed to complete every model in the least possible amount of time.  After a while I realised that taking a little bit longer over my work helped me achieve much better results.  I continued building model kits for several years then later in my early teens I got interested in painting Citadel Miniatures, which were similar to the 28mm fantasy figures widely available these days.


Eventually, I became more interested in sports than modelling and gave up modelling altogether in my mid-teens.


Fast forward around 16 years, to September 2003.  I noticed by chance that the Euro Militaire show was being held at the Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone and decided to check it out, which was easy enough since I lived in Folkestone at that time.  After that show, I was very much inspired to get back into the hobby and after spending a couple of months obtaining various materials, including a copy of Mike Blank's book "Black and White", I took my first tentative but determined steps back into the world of miniature figures.  I never imagined they would lead me to where I am now...


What could have remained just a casual pastime quickly became more of an obsession for me and I put every energy into improving my painting technique through a process of trial and error and many, many hours of practice.  


It was a couple of years later that I worked up the courage to enter a couple of pieces into the competition at the 2005 Euro Militaire and I was thrilled to receive my first medal, a bronze.  The following year I was awarded my first gold medal at Euro Militaire, something I'd never imagined I would be able to achieve when I started painting.  Around that time I also started trying to sculpt my own figures.  At first it seemed impossibly difficult to achieve a satisfactory result but with regular practice things gradually came together.  In time I learnt how satisfying it can be to do both the sculpting and painting of an original figure.


Over the years since I've enjoyed attending numerous international shows and through the hobby of miniature figures have had the pleasure and privilege to meet many talented and inspirational people from around the world that I wouldn't have met otherwise.

Gold x 26       Silver x 12      Great War Trophy (2016)

Best of Show (The American Dream)

Gold x 3         Special Award: Best Non-Military Figure (The American Dream)

Best Painter Award

Gold (Master Painter)      Gold (Master Open)      Gold (Master Fantasy Painter)

Gold (Master Painter)      Silver (Master Open)



Show Award Highlights:                        

Euro Militaire (2006 - 2016):          

AMSS Antwerp (2009):                  

MFCA Philadelphia (2010):            

Trieste (2011):                                    

World Expo Montreaux (2011):    

World Expo Stresa (2014):  

During 2016, I started my own range of figures for commercial release through a collaboration with FeR Miniatures in Spain,  This will be a series of 1/32 scale figures from historical periods that interest me.