The figures below are currently available as part of my 'Signature Series' which I'm developing in collaboration with FeR Miniatures in Spain.  


All of the figures are cast in resin and require assembly and painting.  The photos are examples that I have painted for the box art.


For more details, please visit the FeR Miniatures website


Corporal, 16th New York Infantry, 1862     (54mm - 1/32 scale)

David Zabrocki Signature Series - in collaboration with FeR Miniatures


Grenadier Guard, Inkerman, 1854     (54mm - 1/32 scale)

Zouave of the Imperial Guard, Crimea, 1855     (54mm - 1/32 scale)

Private, 24th Regiment of Foot, Rorkes Drift 1879   (54mm - 1/32 scale)