18th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry  (1/16 scale bust)

It's been a relatively slow couple of weeks for miniature work since I more or less finished the Grenadier Guards figure.  After getting back home from a short holiday I started practising with my new airbrush and hope to be confident enough to tackle some matt varnishing on a couple of actual pieces soon, including the Grenadier Guard on which, from the photos on my last few updates, you may have noticed there were a few areas where the oil paints dried with a bit of a shine.


I've been spending much of my time the last couple of weeks doing some 2D drawing and painting practice but I found some time to rework some things on a 1/16 scale bust I originally sculpted over a year ago but wasn't entirely satisfied with at that time.  


I also did my first attempt at sculpting a 54mm face and am feeling very encouraged by the result, it's not perfect but good enough that I believe more practice will yield results I can be really pleased with and use for some completely scratch figures.


For now, here are some pics of the 1/16 scale bust depicting the 18th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry wearing a 'French chasseur' style uniform.  I understand from Don Troiani's 'Regiments & Uniforms of the Civil War' that the elaborate uniforms were not at all popular with the soldiers and, as their novelty wore off, they were packed up and left in storage.  However, despite that, I thought it would be a nice subject for a bust.


Update # 26 - 26th August 2015