Washington Artillery  (1/16 scale - FeR Miniatures)

I've now finished the two busts I've been working on from FeR Miniatures.  Very enjoyable projects and I don't think painting them simultaneously has been detrimental to the quality of finish or affected their individualism.   Here are some final in-progress pics from these two guys   Click on images to enlarge.


Initial laying in of mid-range tones for overcoat

Highights and shadows developed and detail lining added to seams etc

Final detailing and finessing of highlights and dirt coat.   Haversack strap basecoated.


Pics of the finished bust can be found in the busts gallery page.

9th Kentucky   (1/16 scale - FeR Miniatures)

Basic tones to neck-tie.  

Dustiness and toning down of neck-tie. Highlight  lining.  Also matt varnish applied.


Satin varnish added to leather straps and metallic items to slightly enrich the colours of these items.,  The difference seems quite noticeable compared to the photo on the left.


And here I decided to call this piece finished,

Palette for the overcoat

These colours were derived from a simple palette of oil colours including:  burnt umber, naples yellow, black, white and a very sparing quantity of cadmium orange.

Update # 3 - 26th March 2015