So after a break for a few weeks to do some painting I'm now getting back to work on the 16th New York sculpt.  Some things have gone well and some other things have taken a few attempts to get a result I'm satisifed with.    


The three photos below show how the positioning of the bayonet caused me a bit of a headache and several attempts to resolve.  


Whilst I liked the visual impact of the first position, it seemed quite an unlikely placement and none of the visual references I have show the bayonet being worn quite so close to the belt buckle.  


The second position was an attempt at incorporating the bayonet on the figure rather than a separate piece.  Unfortunately for me, I completely failed to take account of where the bottom of the scabbard would naturally need to be placed for this to work and the simple fact is it couldn't be made to work with the bayonet passing underneath the haversack at this angle.  A ridiculous blunder for someone of my experience.  Very frustrating and another lesson learned!


In the third position I managed to achieve the correct angle.  But another frustration along the way; I cut away the bayonet fitment intending to reposition it but it fell onto the carpet and couldn't subsequently be found despite about ten minutes searching for it on my hands and knees.  I suppose all small scale modellers know how this feels!  


Notice in the second and third photos how I've added more relief to the jacket beneath the waist belt ater the positioning of the various attachments has been dealt with.   I think this adds more realism, plus more to work with later on when painting the figure.  The painting process is always a consideration for me during the sculpting phase.


Despite all the difficulties I've had with this figure I'm really pleased with how it's developing and can't wait to see it completed.

Update # 37 - 25th November 2015