As we enter 2016 I'd just like to start this update by wishing all my readers a happy and peaceful new year and to express my profound thanks for your interest in my work and, if you're a regular visitor to my site, thank you for your continued support which encourages me to keep doing the updates, which can often take some time to prepare!


So as promised at the end of my last update about the Enfield rifle, here are some pics of the finished 16th New York figure.   Being the first figure I've made entirely from scratch, using no commercially available parts, completing this in a way that I ultimately found satisfactory was a big deal for me on a personal level and I learnt a lot about sculpting (any maybe about myself) in the process.  I'd had to overcome some major anxieties about whether I would be capable of doing some of the things, but in the end it was sometimes the simple act of getting started that was the hardest thing to do...


I hope you find it an appealing subject!





Update # 41- 3rd January 2016