Here are a couple of pics showing my recent progress with this pirate bust.


Update # 44 - 27th Feb 2016

Update # 45 - 8th March 2016

Finally, here are some pics of the completed pirate bust from Black Crow Miniatures.  Painted entirely with Jo Sonja acrylics apart from the buckle and earring which were basecoated and highlighted with metallic printers inks but shaded with acrylics.   Whilst it may not be apparent from the end result, which I'm very pleased with, there were definitely some frustrations along the way as I struggled at times with the paint responding differently than I expected, but I'm glad I persisted since everything turned out as well as I could have hoped in the end, in fact this is one of the most satisfying results for me in a while....  As always, thanks for checking in for my updates!