My first commercial release!



It was at Euro Militaire back in September 2013 that Fernando Ruiz and myself first talked about the idea of me having my own range of figures at some point in the future under his umbrella company, now FeR Miniatures.


At that point in time there were various skills that I still needed to learn and develop, including sculpting faces and weapons, such as rifles.   Also,  there was the small but troublesome matter of learning how to sculpt in a way that would allow for the casting process.


Those of you who have been regular visitors to this blog over the last year will have read about my ongoing efforts to improve my skills in various aspects of sculpting, incuding those mentioned above, and probably suspected that it was only a mattter of time before I would be ready to release something commercially.


It was a long time coming but 4th May was a very significant day for me personally, not just because it was Star Wars day (the choice of day in May wasn't an accident - geek alert!) but because it saw the official launch of my Signature Series through FeR Miniatures and my first commercially released figure, a Corporal of the 16th New York Infantry, 1862.


I'm really pleased to be able to collaborate in this venture with Fernando who, as well as now being a business partner, has become a good friend and has also regularly played the 'unofficial' role of sounding board/mentor for me during some of our marathon Skype calls over the last year or so, helping me to stay motivated and push through some of the psychological barriers I've faced along the road.


Anyway, I really hope you like the figure.



Resin castings are available for purchase now from


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Update # 49 - 6th May 2016

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