The WWI Bombardier is nearly finished.  I'm in the process of adding the hands to connect the shovel to the figure.  It proved to be trickier than I expected to get a satisfactory positioning between the handle and the palms but I think it should be OK.  Access is awkward between the figure and the handle for sculpting the thumbs, but it's also partially concealed when viewing the figure so my objective is not perfection, just to get it so it looks 'good enough'.   Brush access will also be impeded when the fingers are added to the left hand so I plan to pre-paint the fingers of the right hand first.  Just the usual problem-solving one expects to  deal with when making miniatures!     I'll be adding more dirt effects to the spade when I paint the groundwork to ensure harmony.


Update # 54 - 3rd September 2016

Update # 55 - 8th September 2016

I was pleased to finish this figure for the World Expo auction earlier this week and to now be able to share the pics of the completed piece with you.  The World Expo auction is being held at the Chicago show next month and you can find more information about the auction and the pieces that have been contributed for it on the World Expo website.    Anyway, I hope you like the figure.


I shall be at the Euro Militaire show at the Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone over the weekend of 17th & 18th Sept and will have 9 pieces in the competition  and maybe 10 or so pieces on display in the judges display cabinet.  On the subject of Euro Militaire, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my Grenadier Guard figure from last year is the central picture of the promotional poster/leaflet for this year's show.  I feel honoured that the organisers would choose to use that image of my piece and I think I'd definitely like to be able to get a pristine copy of that leaflet for posterity, and a second copy for my mum who was very impressed!


As always, thanks for checking in for my updates!