Here are some pics of the Grenadier Guard at Inkerman, 1854 which I completed last week.  This will be the second figure I release commercially in my range with FeR Miniatures and it will be available at Euro Militaire this weekend, and of course thereafter via stockists of FeR Miniatures.   It's 54mm (1/32 scale).


This is the first time I've attempted to create a snow effect in the groundwork and it took three attampts before I was satisfied with it.  I owe thanks to Andrew Argent who kindly sent me some details about how he achieved his awesome melted snow effects in one of his pieces depicting a rusty vehicle covered with melting snow.  I know I didn't achieve the effect as well as it could be achieved but I'm sure that I'll do another piece with sow effects at some point and can have another stab at it.


This figure was painted with Jo Sonja acrylics except for metal parts which were painted with printers inks and shaded with acrylics.


Anyway, I hope you like him.


Update # 56 - 14th September 2016