I'm just getting back on top of things after being on holiday for a week after Euro Militaire.  I know there have been a lot of questions in social media sites about whether the show is in decline and even if it is going to have a future beyond the next couple of years, fair questions in light of the  reduced attendance this year, the fact that a couple of other major shows at this time of year (e.g. SMC in Eindhoven) are gaining real prominence among modellers for going to a lot of effort to do things better, and the usual other issues routinely raised after every Euro Militaire.


Irrespective of it's various 'issues', Euro Militaire has held a special significance for me, on a deep emotional level.  I went to the first two shows in my early teens and can still remember the feelings of awe that were inspired within me.  But beyond that, it evoked other feelings that I couldn't even think how to articulate now.  So now I feel greatly saddened by even the mere thought of the show's demise, and fervently hope that the organisers will give all due consideration to the reasonably expressed feedback they receive and make whatever changes that are necessary to ensure the continued prominence and relevance of the show within the miniature modelling community.


All this notwithstanding, I had a thoroughly enjoyable (and exhausting) weekend as usual.  I was honoured and delighted to receive three gold medals together with this year's Great War Trophy for a WWI figure I had painted earlier in the year but had previously been unable to share on social media.  I thought I should post some pics of the piece here for anyone who doesn't see my work on Facebook.   Anyway, the figure is a 1/32 scale Major of the Royal Field Artillery, sculpted by Nino Pizzchemi for Tommy's War Miniatures.

And here's a pic of the Great War Trophy which was designed, sculpted and finished by Geoffrey Illsley.

Update # 57 - 30th September 2016

So that's it for this update but I've got something I'm about to start painting on the workbench and I'll be sure to take some in-progress pics to share with you in my next update in a week or so...