Here are some final pics of the Grenadier Sergeant after the application of some matt varnish.  I've included a couple of the unpainted original sculpt for comparison purposes.  Click on any image to enlarge.

Update # 27 - 2nd September 2015

Update # 28 - 9th September 2015

I've recently started sculpting a new figure and want to depict a subject from the American Civil War.   I've chosen a subject that I haven't personally seen done before,  16th New York Infantry.   One motivation for choosing this subject is that I found the straw hat and leggings very appealing features.  It should be a simpler figure than the Grenadier Guard with slightly less equipment and accoutrements to sculpt.   I was satisfied enough with my 54mm head/face sculpt that I decided to utilise it on a figure.


Here are a couple of pics showing the basic walking pose and a close up of the leggings which I'm in the process of finishing.  

To try and add interest and realism to the buckle straps I've varied the way the ends of the straps fall.  I've decided to add the buckles after I've sculpted more of the figure.  That way there's less chance of damaging them from handling the figure during the sculpting process.

Update # 29 - 14th September 2015

Since my last update I've spent a number of sessions working on the trousers.  It's been a challenging process to get them to a poitn where I'm satisfied with them.   Initially, the lower right legs was too think so I carved away some of the putty and resculpted that area.  Then I decided there were other parts of both trouser legs that could be improved so a process of reshaping ensued involving carving away putty in some areas, scraping away in others with a scalpel blade, adding more putty, reshaping that, more scraping, more adding, and on and on.  Here are some photos showing the initial result and the result after all the reshaping work.


i) Result from initial sculpting

ii) Putty carved away on lower right leg.

iii) After the process of reshaping  and refining (I did just a little more refining on the left leg after these photos were taken).

Update # 30 - 25th September 2015

Interview in September issue of

Sorry for the recent lack of updates.  I didn't have time to prepare anything last weekend due to the Euro Militaire show but I'll try to remedy this soon with an update on my current sculpt which is progressing slowly but steadily.


However, some news worth sharing with you is that the latest edition of Figure Painter Magazine features an interview with me as well as over 100 pages of modelling related goodness.  I was very impressed with the overall quality of the content and it's available online at the very modest price of £1.30 (or €1.76).   Click on the Figure Painter Magazine  link above to go to their website.

Figure Painter Magazine