Mountain Halfling Bust  (1/12 scale - Black Crow Miniatures)

After recently finishing painting the box art for two forthcoming bust releases I'm spending a few days painting something for fun before getting back to some sculpting,  I just wanted to take advantage of the painting fluency I'm currently feeling after painting for several hours every day for the last month.  The subject I chose was the recently released Mountain Halfling bust by Black Crow Miniatures.  I'm really enjoying this brief departure from the usual historical subjects I do, a chance to try out some different colour variations.  


I'll be able to post some pics of the two box art busts soon once they've been officially released but in the meantime here is an in progress pic of the bust in progress.


Update # 33 - 10th November 2015

Update # 34 - 12th November 2015

Some more progress with this bust..


Update # 35 - 16th November 2015

Close to finishing this bust now.  Should be able to post final pics later this week.  


Update # 36 - 18th November 2015

Here are the final pics of the Mountain Halfling 'Tenzing' bust.  It was a lot of fun and a relatively straightforward bust to paint with only minimal clean up of the casting required.