Confederate Drummer Boy  (1/16 scale - FeR Miniatures)

Sorry it's been a while since my last update but I was spending time doing work on a project that had to be kept under wraps for a while.   But information about it is now in the public domain so I can now mention it here.


I recently visited Berlin to record a painting video in collaboration with Painting Buddha and Fernando Ruiz Miniatures.   The video will show some of the main painting methods and techniques I currently use and I believe the guys are aiming to release the product in June.  


Since returning from Berlin I've been experimenting with my flesh palette on another bust from FeR Miniatures, this time the Confederate Drummer Boy.  For a while I've had a fascination with trying to paint a paler complexion but for this one I want to achieve a more tanned complexion.


So for this experimental palette I introduced a couple of additional colours, raw sienna and vermillion hue.  The vermillion hue just happened to be the brighter red I already had in my possession.


So here's a photo of the flesh palette I've been using for this so far.  



I've included pics here showing the progression from a couple of angles.  I'm pleased with how this is going so far but still want to do some more work in some key areas of the face.    I'll add more progress pics for this one in the next week or so please check back soon for more updates.

Update # 4 - 10th May 2015


And here from another angle.    In the final pic, I've added a base colour to the eyes and hair and done some of the separation lining to help me evaluate the tonal range in the face.

Update # 5 - 16th May 2015

Here are some more pics showing the progress with the drummer boy bust over the last few days.

Hair, eyes and peak of kepi painted.   Then final highlghts added to face.

Lower eyelid defined.

Close-ups showing the definition added to the eyes and lower eyelid..  

Basic colouring (shadows/highlights) of jacket around 80% complete.  

Toning work and highlight lining completed on lacing.    Some initial crude sketching of tones onto the strap.   Final highlights still to be applied to jacket (e.g collar, shoulder seam, overlap at front of jacket).  Also, some more dirt effects are likely to be introduced on the jacket but I'll decide on those after painting the strap.

Outlining details on jacket to achieve separation/definition and base colour for lacing.  Further enhancement of deepest creases in jacket.

Update # 6 - 27th May 2015

So after painting the strap and metal parts, here are some pics of the finished bust.  I'm pleased with how it turned out and in particular the experiment with a different complexion.   If you find this bust appealing and think you'd like to paint it yourself you may be interested to know that it is soon going to released in a Painting Buddha box which will include a video showing Fernando Ruiz Ceano's approach to painting it.  


Also, if you'd like to see more about my painting techniques, there will be another box for the Federal Artillery Musician (also by FeR Miniatures) which will include  a video showing how I painted that bust.  I'll be posting some pictures nearer the release date.  Michael Bartels of Painting Buddha told me yesterday that they are still aiming to release both of the boxes in June.