Here are a few pics of something I've been painting just for fun on the side, the 1/16 Executor bust sculpted by Jonatan Monerris and available from FeR Miniatures (and stockists of the FeR product range).  I did intend to do some anotation against the photos but because time is against me I decided that rather than put off posting this update any longer I'd just share the photos and hope they do most of the talking for me...


Update # 58 - 10th October 2016

Update # 59 - 13th October 2016

Update # 60 - 19th October 2016

And below is a before and after the additional blood droplet/splatter effects on the shirt and coat, oh and painting the rose and some other little adjustments.  


As always, thanks for checking in for updates and I hope to share the pics of the completed bust next week.

Update # 61 - 27th October 2016

Finally, here are some pics of the completed bust.  I hope you've enjoyed being able to see the progression over the last few weeks.  I'll try and repeat this with the next side project I do.   This was painted with Jo Sonja acrylics and Vallejo Metal Colour (Airbrush colour) for metallic areas.