Here are some pics of a new piece I'm currently painting, depicting a Zouave de la Garde in Crimea.   This will be the third figure I release in my Signature Series with FeR Miniatures and I'm hoping it will ready for release in January.


I've been trying to achieve a different impact with my colour mixes on this piece, particularly a more saturated type of highlights in the principle colours, and am trying to resist the urge to apply weathering and dirt effects, which you'll know is quite difficult for me if you're familiar with my work.  Weathering can be used to conceal all manner of flaws so that's going to add another layer of difficulty to the task...


I'll endeavour to post pics of my progress with this figure every few days.




Update # 62 - 16th December 2016

The hand and waist band were painted before attaching the left arm to avoid brush access difficulties.




Update # 63 - 20th December 2016

Update # 64 - 24th December 2016

Hi again, here are a couple more progress pics for the Zouave.  At this point I've almost done pretty much everything I can except the pantalons, because the thought of painting them was causing me a degree of anxiety.  Partly because I hadn't really needed to figure out a useable acrylic colour palette for painting red before this figure and also because the pantalons are such an important part of the figure that I wanted to achieve the right impact with them.  I was fairly satisfied with the impact of the red on the fez but that is a relatively small item and the question is whether the colour palette will translate well into a far larger painting area?   My next update in a few days will reveal the end result for the pantalons and I hope the completed figure.


In the meantime, I'd just like to take this opportunity to say thank you for visiting my website/blog and to wish you a merry Christmas and all the best for the new year!