Valley Forge Militia Drummer Boy  (75mm)

I've spent a few sessions cleaning up and preparing for paint this delightful figure sculpted for Model Cellar Productions by Mike Blank.  I've had this for a couple of years and finally decided it was time for me to just have a fun painting project again in the lead up to Euro Miniature Expo after focussing on commercial releases work for most of the last year.  It's now ready for airbrush priming tomorrow, after which the real fun can begin.  It's been over three months since I held a paint brush so it will be interesting to see how it goes.  I'll take some in-progress photos so I can share my progress with you in my next few updates.


Update # 67 - 23rd July 2017

Update # 68 - 4th September 2017

It's been longer than I'd anticipated since my last update because I haven't spent as much time at the workbench as I had planned to for various reasons.  However, I've made a little bit of progress with the drummer boy figure which I'd like to share with you.


So far all the painting has been done with Jo Sonja acrylics over Tamiya XF-1 black which I airbrushed on as a primer.


At this point I won't finish him in time for Euro Militaire but I might bring him along for display purposes only.


Update # 69 - 23rd September 2017

Sometimes going to a model show and experiencing the wonderful sense of fraternity and inspiration from catching up with friends, making new ones and seeing a lot of great work on display can give me a much needed boost of enthusiasm for the simple pleasure of sitting down to work on a miniature.   And this is the effect that spending last weekend at the Euro Miniature Expo has had on me these past few days.  During each day I've found myself really looking forward to getting some painting time in the evening, even though all I have the mental/physical stamina for after a day at work is about an hour.  So, at least for now, the emotional connection is a little bit like it was when I first starting painting figures except that back then I was doing a couple of hours or more most days.


Anyway, I wanted to share some more progress I've made with the drummer boy figure.  The jacket is finished apart from applying a layer of matt varnish.  And I may need to emphasis some of the edging highlights.