Finally sculpting again....

I've spent the past few months just doing painting and it's time to get back to some sculpting.  One aspect of sculpting that I really want to improve my skills in respect of is faces - but I've been good at finding excuses not to work on this.  But no more!  The only way I'll get better at sculpting faces is to sculpt faces, and to maintain a positive state of mind during the process, by which I mean being prepared to accept that some sessions aren't going to go well, there will be mistakes and disappointments, but most importantly to believe 100% that in the end I will achieve my goal and every sculpting session, successful or unsuccessful,  takes me one step closer to that.   A couple of quotes I like that are relevant here are:


'Whether you think you can or you can't, either way you are right' - Henry Ford


'If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done' - Bruce Lee


I've decided that over the next few months I'm going to set aside time to sculpt several faces in addition to whatever else I'm working on.   Until now, I've only sculpted two busts and the faces were more or less OK but largely a case of trial and error.


However, earlier this year I had the chance to learn some useful tips from the renowned sculptor Eduard Perez during a trip to Barcelona, and importantly a good starting point from which to build up the head/face so that the end result is in the desired scale.


So below are some step-by-step pics of the face/head I've been working on over the last few days.  For this I wanted to focus entirely on getting the basic structure and proportions right.  I think it's close.  And yes, there were some disappointments over things not working out as well as hoped during some sculpting sessions and I learnt something from all of these.  Over the next few attempts I'm going to build on what I learnt from doing this one and look to start incorporating more character and expression.   For these practice pieces I'm starting in approx 1/16 scale and this head measures 16mm from the chin to top of the head.   Later on I'm going to look at scaling down to 54mm, but that's something for me to look forward to later in the year....

Update # 7 - 5th June 2015

And some pics from other angles.....

I've just started working on a new figure and will start posting some in-progress pics of that soon so check back for my next update in the next few days....

Update # 8 - 13th June 2015

Here are the first few pics of the Grenadier Sergeant in Crimea I've been working on over the last week.  I'll be adding more as the sculpt progresses in the coming days.



Firstly, the basic armature.  I decided to depict a walking pose but with some subtle elements of movement.  Being a little out of practice it took a lot of fiddling to eventually get to a pose that I was satisfied with.

After establishing the armature, I generally like to start by sculpting the shoes, headgear and hair.  Here I've finished the shoes and added a blob of putty to build up the bearskin onto.


This page is getting rather long so I'm going to start a new page soon for update #9 which will show the next stages of this sculpt.