Since Euro Miniature Expo I've so far managed to stick to the objective I set myself which was to do some painting every day for at least a month to establish the activity as a habit within my daily routine.   I've now completed 12 consecutive days, today is day 13.    I didn't stipulate how long I should paint for -  in fact, to get myself started, I thought about sitting down for as little as 20-30 minutes for a few days if that's all I could bear.  However, it's sometimes the sitting down to do an activity that is the hardest part of the process and most days I've averaged around 60-80 minutes.  


There's a saying I like which is 'Let your mood follow your action, not your actions follow your mood' or something like that, but that's the essence of it.  The basic premise is that if you wait to feel in the right mood to do something that requires some kind of effort, that mood might never come.  However, by just starting to perform the action, typically the right mood for the action naturally manifests itself more often than not.   I have found that this is the case for me.


So by painting for a fairly limited amount of time each day I'm starting to see some meaningful progress with the drummer boy figure.  It hasn't all been plain sailing and I had to do a fair amount of reworking after overdoing the dirt effects, but on the whole I'm feeling quite pleased with the results so far.     Here are some progress pics from the last week .






Update # 70 - 1st October 2017

After sessions 1-3:   Initial laying in of mid and shadow tones followed by initial highlights.  Left and right legs done over separate sessions.

After sessions 4-6:   Refinement of highlights and re-emphasising and changing shadows.  Then dirt effects and reworking.